A First Birthday Comes Once A Lifetime

It may just have been the hottest day of summer, but that wasn’t going to spoil this little cowboy’s party! Zachariah was turning one and everyone had come to see the new sheriff in town. There were boots and lassos,┬áhorses and haystacks. And plenty of water!


As Zachariah came running across the lawn, he spotted something that dropped his jaw to the floor!


Oh my goodness – look at that horsie!


One year old may be too young for a real horsie ride but decided to make the best of his options. He grabbed his partner in crime and they saddled up.


After all the fun in the sun, everyone gathered for Grammy’s legendary birthday cake and Little Zachariah went to town opening his presents. He certainly had a blast and though he and his friends may not remember it, his family will for years to come.


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