Throwing a first birthday party with a theme as cute as its subjects is almost impossible, especially with a little guy like Yuri. Luckily, the combination of toddlers and mustaches only compliments the cuteness.

A first birthday comes once a lifetime.

Janice and friends put the final touches on the decorations which were fun, cute, and also interactive! The party spread had been laid out and Aleks fired up the grill. Before long the room was filled with smiles and chatter. Everyone was so excited to see and hold Yuri being the little rockstar he is. But every once in a while he would find his way to the floor and sneak around.

Yuri wasn’t the only one getting scooped up off their feet. His older twin sisters Lily & Zoe found their way from one pair of arms to the next. All of the little ones were having a blast running around, showing off their sweet mustaches and playing with prop glasses.

The hours flew by before long it was time to cut the cake. A wonderful birthday

The hours flew and it was time to cut the cake.

Happy First Birthday Yuri!


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