Of all the seasons, autumn may just be my favorite. I mean summer is great and all but when the humidity drops, the pumpkins start growing and before long turkey is on the table with bowls of butternut squash and apple cider in our cups.

Sure they may be some of the best parts of autumn, but we all know the fall foliage takes the cake. And one of my favorite places to photograph as the leaves turn is Prospect Park. You could spend all day walking through the park checking out its beauty.

But you know what is better than a walk in the park looking at the leaves?

Playing in them of course!

And that is exactly what we did. Lily & Zoe had a blast playing with Daddy in the leaves. Tossing then, collecting them, and giving them to Mommy.

We made our way to the Prospect Park Boathouse and covered a lot of ground along the way. We climbed a tree, met a few swans, had a quick picnic under the trees, and made our way to the Boathouse bridge.

Time had flown by and our photo session was ending. I couldn’t help but to stand back and admire this family.

They were even more beautiful than the fall foliage around them.

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