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A Fusion Of Style

 “The digital age revolutionized so many aspects of our lives”

Mercedes-Benz is known for their craft and luxurious style combined with the best features. Like MB, Cute Circuit fused both style and technologies into their designs.

The Art Of The Edit


We love to tell stories. Video is a very powerful tool to communicate a message for your customers. While most of the work we provide will have some form of narrative, every once in a while we have the opportunity to take something and break it down, chop it up and cut together a super technical edit.

Timelapse Photography

Sequences of Photos Over Periods of Time.

Time Slips Away.

Watch the world unfold right before your eyes.

We Are JSAYcreative Productions



The Elusion


This short draws a parallel between finding inspiration in the details of a specific journey which will in turn give more value to the destination, and applying the same concept to any passage in life.

Written, Shot, and Edited by JJ Sereday.


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