Our Mission

At the core, we make it our mission to personally connect with you and your business, work tirelessly to create compelling content that reflects your philosophy, and to complete quality work beyond your expectations


Pure Passion

Exceptional Quality

Award Winning

We Are

JSAYcreative Productions

Conceived in the infamous Philadelphia White House back in 2009, JSAYcreative began with three cores in mind: A strong desire to connect, create, and complete.
We are a innovative group of incredible individuals who collectively create a perfect team capable of conquering your companies biggest challenges. As natural problem solvers we start at the core of an issue to not just find, but hand craft a solution to suit your needs and to speak directly to your customer demographic.
Over the years we’ve worked on many different types of projects for clients such as: Mercedes-Bez, GQ, Virgin Mobile, Westfield, Mastercard, United Nations, UNICEF, DHL, Style.com, Kering, Getty, Tresemme, Becks, Mazda, Novartis, Johnson and Johnson, Ernst and Young, Autism Expressed, Design Philadelphia, and many more.
JSAYcreative Productions is inspired and motivated by good design, passionate about telling stories from a original perspective, and stimulated by the world around us. We pour every ounce of ourselves into our work. We love designing and creating work that moves you.

Our Philosophy





Why Choose Us?

With thousands of media and production companies to choose from, what makes us different?

For starters, we work from the ground up efficiently and patiently to insure we bring your concepts into reality. Great ideas are a dime a dozen but proper execution is worth its weight in gold. You have a specific message that needs to be spoken. We help find the right medium and best platform to effectively communicate.

We have years of experience in a wide range of creative environments, which help us see the whole story and not just get lost in the details. Over the years we’ve worked hard to be hyper aware of the market and create a strong but agile work ethic to better suit your needs in this ever changing industry.

But really…why would you choose JSAYcreative Productions?

The answer is simple:

Because we care.

The Right To Choose

The best relationships have great chemistry from the beginning. You are choosing us for a reason; you are looking for the optimal means of communicating a message. However, just like any relationship, it requires two to tango. We selectively choose the projects to take on in order to effectively devote our time pouring our passion and talents into product that truly connects with its viewers.

Our Work Includes

Attention & Care


Time & Effort


Patience & Flexibility


Positive Energy


Why Do We Care?

While we greatly regard your company, we also truly care about you and your clientele. For us it is not just about making you a happy customer or winning over your affection, but we truly care about you as individuals.

We believe in focusing on the value of a positive impact at both a personal and business level. If we come together as human beings we can ignite and motivate each other to live better lives while also inspiring others to do the same. Not only should the work we provide for you create great rapport with your customers but also have a positive influence on their lives.

Besides, isn’t time to really make this world a better place? The best place to start with with your company and ours.

Our Creative Collective

JJ Sereday

Creative Tycoon

Tom Pace


Michael Lapp

Motion Graphic Artist/Animator

James Miller


Kyle Crichton


George Morales


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW! You are truly amazing. First cut looks so fantastic!
I’ll put together a list of content to add and send back to you.

Mitchie D - Team Mazda

You're a hero! I know the deadline was tight and all the obstacles were certainly larger than expected but you still came through. Thanks again - Job well done!

Angus I - UNICEF

This looks amazing! Really, so much better. Thanks guys!

Kirthiga R - IMG Fashion

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