It was another gorgeous day out in San Diego, but then again any day on the west coast feels perfect compared to the seemingly eternal winters back in Brooklyn.

I have known Crystal for many years now and it is always exciting to catch up and see what she has been up to. She has recently been volunteering with the Marine Mammal Care Center to help rescue local seals.

Sunset Cliffs are pretty awesome to see but you definitely have to venture a bit to really see its beauty. Not everyone would be willing to hike and climb to the best areas but with Crystal I felt like I was playing catchup. I had to remind myself to be a little more careful than normal since some of the cliffs had 70-100ft drop offs and composing a shot while looking through a lens can offset my balance.
We made our way down to the water just as the sun was setting. Perfect timing.

Golden Hour had begun.

The tide was coming in quickly so we were limited on time in each spot. We were almost trapped a few times by the waves crashing and the water rising.
The final spot had a perfect ledge to shoot on but I had to lean out over the water to capture the right angle.  The sun was setting, the waves kept coming, and the tide rose quickly.

Almost too quickly.

 Just as I took the final shot a huge wave came crashing in.


I was soaked and Crystal was laughing, but we captured the shots we needed and called it a wrap.


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