A first birthday comes once a lifetime.

After what felt like a never ending winter, the weather decided to play nice for the weekend. But this wasn’t just any weekend – this was the absolutely adorable Juliette’s first birthday party!

Friends and family gathered to see her before heading over to the Bergen County Zoo. Having a small local zoo so close to home is pretty sweet and it certainly wasn’t Juliette’s first time.

Photo from Juliette's First Birthday
Photo from Juliette's First Birthday

We found a nice area to setup and reveal the special cupcakes. Oh man those cupcake were incredible. Some were French Toast flavored, others were red velvet and then they had the Monkey cupcakes, which were banana creme of course.

It was pretty fun to watch the little ones all trying the cupcakes, some perhaps for their very first time.

Juliette loved the cupcakes. Well not just the cupcakes but the way her daddy was eating the cupcakes.

She would smush it into his mouth but only for a second and then pull it away and giggle. She was so silly.

After we’ve had our fill, it was time to venture out and see the animals. There were owls, and condors, and ocelots, and anteaters, and capybaras, and spider monkeys!

Finally we finished the day with a nice little train ride around the zoo to see some buffalo out in the fields.

Happy Birthday Juliette!

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