My friend Harry is basically family, so when he told me his brother-in-law’s family was visiting from Minnesota and they wanted to do a family photo session, I was pretty excited.
We talked about a few location options but it wasn’t long before they decided to do it at the Jersey Shore. I sometimes take for granting  having easy access to an ocean.

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The day we scheduled the session ended up being a bit chillier than expected and the wind was pretty relentless. It even started drizzling which would turn a beach session into a disaster. However rescheduling wasn’t an option since the were heading home the next day.

Rolling with punches and making the best of it we grabbed a slice and spent a little time getting to know each other. Before we knew it the sun came out from hiding and we hit the beach!

We ended up having a blast and enjoying the warmth of the sun… Until the wind kicked in again and gave us another round of chills.

It’s funny how challenging experiences can turn into favorable memories when surrounded but great people.

While it is always a pleasure seeing Ana and I really enjoyed getting to know Angela and Vir, I have to say Ashton is my new favorite friend. Look he even drew me a picture!

Check out a few of the highlights below!

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