Our Philosophy

At the core, we simply want to feel what you feel and for you to see what we see.

We consider our photography more than just a profession, it is also a privilege. We’ve made it our prime focus to connect with you in any and every way. Your life and everything included interests us on a personal level. We consider you our friend.
Since the beginning of our earliest memories we have been driven to create and produce anything which will manifest an authentic emotion from others. Thats what sets us apart – to feel and then relate to/with those feelings. At the core, we simply want to feel what you feel and for you to see what we see.
As creatives we have a habit of being perfectionists. We too often sacrifice sleeping, eating, and even relaxing to work until perfection. While achieving perfection may be possible (in some cases) we understand the importance to complete. With a healthy balance between good enough and impossibly perfect we meet in the middle to deliver amazing work that can be checked off the list.

Our Philosophy





Why Choose Us?

With thousands of photographers to choose from and the millions of us with mobile phones and our own cameras, what makes us different?
For starters we work efficiently but also patiently to insure we capture the authentic moments you are looking for. We help to create an atmosphere in which these beautiful instances can happen.
We also have years of experience not just in photography but in a wide range of creative environments, which help us see the whole story and not just get lost in the details.
But really…why would you choose JSAYcreative Photography?
The answer is simple:
Because we care.

We Give It Everything

Attention & Care


Time & Effort


Fun & Exciting


Patience & Flexibility


Positive Energy


Why Do We Care?

We care very deeply about you. Not just about making you a happy customer and not because we want to win over your affection, but we truly care about you as individuals. Your life and everything included interests us and allows us to connect and relate to you. We consider you our friend. We want to know how things are at home, with work, what’s new and exciting, what do you have planned for the future.
We truly believe that if we come together as human beings we can ignite and motivate each other to live better lives while also inspiring others to do the same.
Besides, isn’t time to really make this world a better place? The best place to start with with you and I.

We used JSAYcreative for a family photo shoot. JJ was super respectful and very professional. He traveled all the way to Philadelphia and arrived an hour before our scheduled time. He was able to capture the essence we where looking for and we could not have been more pleased!

Anthony Vaneman

The photos were beyond what we expected. We knew we'd get some great shots but wow... just wow.

Chris Hahn

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