I consider photography more of a privilege than just a profession.

Life is a collection of memories which can easily fade if we are not constantly reminded. The ability to freeze and capture these moments forever has a great deal of value. I have a terrible memory and love to use photographs to help me reminisce on past experiences or relive emotions felt on a specific day.

If you truly open your eyes, you will see things you never imagined.

Here are various collections of photographs which hold special meaning to me.

Life Back Home

January 8, 2014

Urban Exploration A

January 8, 2014

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

October 3, 2013

Urban Exploration C

September 22, 2013

That Place Called Pittsburgh

September 22, 2013

Vibrant Vegetation

June 30, 2013

Brooklyn Blizzard

February 7, 2013

Pacific Perspective

January 7, 2013

iPhoneography 2012

January 1, 2013